Willemijn Kappers

Asmaa and Youssra


Target price
€800 - €1000

Willemijn was born in 1976 in the Netherlands. After finishing her Masters degree, she has worked and still does, in finance, at the finance district in Amsterdam.

Eight years ago, she started developing as a photographer, autodidactically. Only portraits, only people. That is where Willemijn’s heart is, with the people.

After becoming friends with two refugees living in asylum in the Netherlands, Willemijn got motivated to shed some light and another perspective on the precarious situation refugees are in. In her work Willemijn tries to show a clear picture of refugees, in both a physical and a figurative way, which can demonstrate how to see refugees from a different perspective.

Willemijn has merged faces of refugees in the Netherlands and native Dutch people to reveal their similarities. She believes we should put a focus on these similarities instead of the differences.

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