Partners, Supporters & Friends

Below are the amazing few, our caring partners that are generously supporting our mission by donating their skills, time and more,  to help make our moment happen.


Nadya Sastrohardjo, Claudia de Barros, Tamara Wezeman, Raoul de Koning, Martijn Boomsma, Emanuele Papale, Tom Jaspers, Geraldine Lorijn and to all the other advisors, helpers, motivators and supporters along the way, you know who you are.


Het Beeldgebouw, our perfect print partner.

As an exhibiting and art-selling photographer, you set the highest demands on your work. You expect your professional lab to do everything they can to get the maximum results from your images. You have come to the right place at Het Beeldgebouw. With us, advanced technology and craftsmanship go hand in hand. We are committed to ensuring that you and the buyers of your work are more than satisfied.

Durst Lambda C-print and fine art / Framing and finishing / Our unique HB Guarantee / Direct printing on plate / Storing and timely delivery.


Starframe, our fantastic framing partner

StarFrame is an experienced frame wholesaler, in the market since 1 June 2001. Owners Henk and Gertjan van der Schans serve their customers with an extensive range of bars, frames and complete framing. They have their own modern production department where meticulous work is carried out to ensure quality throughout for their customers.


Moyee, our disruptive drinks partner

Description: Moyee Coffee is quickly becoming the first multi-national coffee company based out of Ethiopia. In addition to utilizing the best roasting machinery in the industry, and award-winning staff, we are also developing an organic farm of the highest caliber, all to insure that our supply of supreme quality coffee never wavers.

“For decades the world has enjoyed the finest of Ethiopia’s Arabica coffee, while the majority of the profit has failed to reach the farmers. Our vision for Moyee is to establish the world’s first specialty coffee brand that is as equitable as it is delicious. A company that produces quality beans and still delivers fair value.”


Woodwork, Amsterdam-based design and motion studio

Woodwork was founded out of the love for motion design and visual effects. As a fanatic bunch of kindred spirits we combine out-of-the-box creativity with honest craftsmanship. As every assignment gives us new possibilities to make a difference, we never have the answer, together we create the answer. 24 frames per second, one detail at a time.


Talita Teves, Our totally talented auctioneer

Talita is the director-owner of Veilinghuis AAG in Amsterdam, the largest Dutch auction house specializing in art, antiques and wines.

As a law student, she was introduced to the auction world and was so inspired that at the age of 26 she became the owner and manager of the auction house that is part of an international network. She now travels all over the world as an auctioneer.



Kult&Ace is a communications agency specializing in Millennials and young urbanite tastemakers and influencers. Want to find out which strategy will best resonate with this target group? What makes them tick on social media?

Or what your intended audience thinks of your new product or campaign? Hook up with us and you’ll soon be in the know.



Drinks, food & things in common

Drinks and food are the perfect tools to bring people together from around the globe, to share stories, experiences and discover the beautiful things they have in common.

Commons is the space within The Student Hotel that connects people from all walks of life, bringing students, travelers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and neighbourhood locals together over the joy of food, drinks and discovering the other passions we have in common. It is the every-bar/restaurant/café for everyone: laptop and coffee workspace for students, cocktail-bar for friends, lunch spot for business meetings, date night for lovers, and a casual group dining space for families of all kinds. It’s a place for drinks that lead to dinner that leads to who knows what…


Gallery Supporters