Danielle Kwaaitaal

Lot number 1


30 x 45 cm (x2) - sold side by side, as single artwork 14 / 20

Target price
€1,100 - €1,600 (prints only)

After finishing her study in 1991 at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (Municipal Museum) immediately buys one of her works from the series. In 2004 documentary maker Jenne Sipman portrays her as one of the driving forces behind the house scene of the nineties. International recognition follows shortly hereafter. For Schiphol Airport Amsterdam she has created Tracing Reality in 2008, which covers 450 square meters of the glass facade near Pier B, and can be seen by well over six million travelers annually. Appearing in Vogue, de Volkskrant, Elle. l’Officiel she is one of Holland’s most respected art photographers.

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